neoTCG by gloomlee


dec 28, 2022
now supports deck00 cards automatically. the setup will still default to a gray placeholder card if the deck00 card is not uploaded.

dec 17, 2022
fixed mastery image issue where if the player has any 20 cards from a specific deck it would show the mastery image on the home page, and then in any other case not. Functions.js updated.

dec 12, 2022
updated github instructions.
all styling is now contained in the style.css file, meaning there is no longer in-line styling in functions.js. style.css also now has some variables at the beginning for easy customization.
collecting page no longer crashes if the player's priority decks contains a deck not yet in the UPDATEcolorstcgdeckdata.js dictionary (the player has not updated the file after a new release, and has set a new release deck in high priority). if data cannot be found for the deck, the deck is still displayed, just without a header color. It also appears in a blank column for the all iso decks section.

nov 12, 2022
fixed trading page not displaying trading cards

nov 11, 2022
initally released

gloomlee 2022